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Have you considered a Green Audit?

​For Castor Construction Group, being able to provide an estimate on prospective projects means much more to us than just a quote. CCG is introducing Green Auditing: a method for us to not only aid in the renovation and construction process but also to save money on your utility bills. Projects go way beyond the basic planning and execution, where we would now consider the long-term effects of the materials and construction methods to save on future expenses.

Green Auditing is an assessment of the project in terms of its impact on the environment. Our goal is to reduce your energy consumption to have a more environmentally sound home or business. There is always a safer, greener solution and at times clients are not aware of the vast amount of options they have. As a sustainable construction company we make it our responsibility to fulfill our customer’s needs while guiding them through environmentally friendly and sustainable options for each section of the project.

Simple upgrades such as installing smart panels, choosing the right light bulbs or kitchen appliances can lower your electric bill. Using a dishwasher versus hand-washing as well as using a faucet aerator can significantly lower your water bill. Auto-tinting glass panes allow sunlight in while keeping heat out and reduce the amount of electricity used throughout the day.

These are only a few simple surface solutions we can offer to bring down utility costs. With a detailed inspection of your home or business we will be able to provide a quote to transform your property into an efficient and sustainable green building.

Call us today to set up an appointment for your green audit!



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