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How To Install Solar Panels: A Step By Step Guide

1. Research all city permits necessary to conduct the project.

Every county has different rules so make sure to contact the building inspection department to ensure you have all paperwork needed to commence the job. If you live within a Home Owners Association, make sure you check with them as well as they tend to have their own stringent community rules. For a much easier start, visit Solar America Board for all codes, permits, and standards to facilitate the approval of the plans and permits.

2. Conduct an energy audit of your property.

In order to successfully replace electrical energy for solar energy you must start by having an idea of how much energy your house consumes to then adequately know just how much solar power you need. We recommend gathering your electric utility bills from the past year and calculating by month how many kilowatts were charged to your account. Once you have this data, just add up the numbers and you will have a decent estimate of how much solar energy you need to power your property. By identifying what appliances consume more energy you can upgrade these appliances to more efficient versions or attempt to make an effort in reducing energy consumption by utilizing the appliances less often.

3. Complete a site survey.