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Pipe Burst Protection

Have you ever had your pipes burst in your property? Whether you have or have not, we all know it is one of the most frustrating problems that can happen due to the extensive damage it causes. There is a new technique where all your personal belongings, starting with old keepsakes and ending with important computer documents, will be kept safe from any possible leaks. Interested in learning more? Here is how it works ...

We begin with a wireless water protection system for both residential and commercial properties. We place sensors throughout key locations such as sinks, toilets, spigots, dishwashers, refrigerators, floors drains, water tanks, laundry rooms, utility rooms, offices, condos, cafeterias, fitness centers, boiling rooms, and server rooms. When the wireless sensors detect any sort of leak, the WIFI controlled valve interface panel sends a signal via the ethernet to the ticker valve which shuts off the water in the property completely. Then the owner will receive their choice of an SMS, a phone call, or an email receiving a notification on a probable leak.

By completely eliminating the water the moment the sensors detect a small leak, the owner will save a large amount of money on what could of been a disastrous situation.

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