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3 Simple Property Improvements

Poor Insulation? Update the landscape

If you live somewhere like Miami, where it is summer all year round, then updating your landscape is a perfect way to not only avoid the heat— but beautify your home at the same time. By planting trees with healthy green foliage you can offer your home shade and save on energy. Trees with abundant vegetation can make up for poor insulation because they act as a radiation blocker from the sun, leaving your home infrared free. As a temporary cost efficient option for insulation, we recommend planting trees around the home that supply clean air, cool breeze, and prevent soil erosion. Having a beautiful landscape in your yard is not only visually appealing but serves many different functions. Some native South Florida trees we would recommend include: Palm trees, Gumbo-limbo, Live oak, Buttonwood, Wild tamarind, and Paradise Tree.


High electric bills? Install a Solar Roof

Incorporating solar energy into your home or business allows you to utilize the sun’s sustainable renewable energy to power your lighting and appliances instead of having to pay a local utility company. Solar energy is one of our preferred options as it converts the sun’s energy into reusable electric energy! By reducing (and hopefully replacing) the use of fossil fuels we create a healthier alternative for energy and save our planet from further global warming. Together we can combat greenhouse emissions and create a better future. Unlike traditional power, such as coal and natural gas, solar energy does not have a harmful effect on the environment. Solar energy does not have a cost to supply and works boundlessly. Want to break the handcuffs from your utility company? Integrate a solar roof into your next project and free yourself from power and light utility companies.

Picture curtesy of Tesla Solar

Picture courtesy of Tesla Solar


High water bill due to sprinklers? Install Drip Irrigation System

Bothered by walking on the sidewalk and having a sprinkler spray you with unexpected water? Sprinkler systems are not too pocket friendly because half of the water being sprayed goes into the air or on concrete and eventually ends up evaporated and wasted. Alternatively by using a drip irrigation system, the water gets deposited directly into the soil and avoids the unnecessary water spillage. By incorporating this into your home you keep the outside of your home looking beautiful and green while minimizing water costs. Drip irrigation systems use soil moisture sensors to automatically drop water into the soil without under or over-watering. When a lawn is over watered the grass gets soggy, prone to disease pressure, and causes increased mowing because of the thick growth. When a lawn is under watered the grass wilts, does not grow back quickly, and the soil remains dry. Save time, money, and water with a new drip irrigation system.



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