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2017 Bathroom Trends


This summer get yourself a freestanding bathtub. This new trend will have your bathroom looking ready for a magazine cover. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but you can have a place to call your own. There is nothing better than soaking all your problems away at the end of a long day.


Bathrooms Without Borders

The visual appeal of a no threshold shower will bring your bathroom together. It creates one unified layout with the tiles and it flows much better than being cute off by a shower frame and the shower pan. No threshold showers are convenient, practical, and comfort all in one.


Salle De Bain De Luxe

Some of us still appreciate the privacy and luxury that quality shower doors can offer a bathroom. This summer french doors are definitely trending. They are known for their beautiful traditional design and luxury appeal.


Float Your Boat

Nothing screams modern like a floating vanity. This trend makes your bathroom appear larger, it makes cleaning a breeze, it can be accommodated to any preferred height, and it gives you more space for smart storage. Let’s face it ... standard ground vanities are a DRAG.


Lets Get More Flow

These days one shower head just does not cut it! One shower head is no longer pleasing to the showeree as it does not allow for full body coverage. This summer get multiple shower heads for your shower for comfort at its finest. Trust us you wont regret it!


Boss It With Your Faucet

Do you want a boss bathroom? Then take our advice and upgrade your faucets from the standard bore to the wall mounted faucet. Introducing the old-new way to decorate your private space, after all everything comes back in style!


Don’t Be A Square

This year no one wants to be a square! Do yourself a favor a consider choosing a well-rounded mirror(s) for your decor. They are ideal for limited wall space and provides the perfect mix of elegance with edginess for a modern bathroom renovation.


POP in the Rest Room

We all like to personalize our spaces either through color, texture, or decor. This trendy tile helps modernize while keeping simplicity and classic style in mind. By incorporating 3-D tile into your bathroom you accentuate without having to use ridiculous wallpapers or flashy colors that go out of style quickly. This is modern, re-defined.


Warm Ups Before Your Shower

No, we don’t mean jumping jacks before hitting the shower, we mean this amazing new warming rack. We all hate the part of the shower when we dry ourselves quickly to avoid the cold air. Well say good-bye to the cold days because with this warming rack your towel will be warm and ready for you to get dry.


Go Green - Literally!

Thinking about decorating your bath room? Don’t forget to incorporate plants, flowers, and greenery into your space with low light & high humidity they will thrive! Go modern, go green, go trendy.

Interested in modernizing you bathroom? Give us a call!



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