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Zillow Expands Solar Energy Rooftop Scores To 84 Million Homes

Zillow has partnered with two startups, Sun Number and Wave Solar, to include Sun Number’s proprietary rooftop solar scoring system on 84 million properties on Zillow nationwide as of today.

That’s up from 40 million buildings on Zillow that had a Sun Number listed as of last year.

Sun Number’s methodology is complex, but the idea is simple. The tech startup has developed a 1-100 scoring system that provides homeowners with a measurement of how good their rooftop is for solar.

Sun Number already makes solar scoring available to anyone who enters most U.S. addresses into the Sun Number website. The problem is that until now, the score only informs people who visit the website because they are already interested in the potential value of rooftop solar.

The Zillow partnership represents a quantum leap forward in public awareness. By expanding to another 44 million home entries on its website, Zillow is introducing the idea of rooftop solar to millions of consumers and real estate professionals who might otherwise be unaware of its value. The Sun Number is available on Zillow if you scroll down on a property page.