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Going Solar Still A Good Idea Despite New Tariff

Even with the new U.S. tariff on imports of solar panels, this is still a good time for consumers to go solar.

That's because any price increase in solar panels is likely to be minor—and there are plenty of other incentives for homeowners to make the switch.

The Trump administration announced Monday that it would impose tariffs on solar panels as well as washing machines because of complaints from domestic manufacturers that they were being hurt by cheap imports.

The price of solar panels, especially from China, has dropped sharply in recent years, fueling consumer demand and a booming business for U.S. solar installers.

But any price increase on panels isn't likely to halt that growth, says Noah Ginsburg, a director at Solar1, a New York-based nonprofit that connects consumers with installers.

For one thing, “solar panels only make up a fraction of the total cost for home installations,” he says.