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5 Quickest Ways to Add Value to Your Home

It’s important to plan renovations carefully whether you’re buying a fixer-upper, planning a flip, or just want to invest in the future value of your home. Some investments carry a large price tag for not much return in added value on a property, don't get tricked into going in on a wasted project.

Some trends return immediate value while others are more long-term and stable. To be sure you’re investing wisely, take a look at these expert guidelines for planning a home renovation.

Size Up

Square footage of a home is one of the first points of consideration in the value of the property. It may seem obvious, and for good reason, that bigger is better. Adding square footage can be done traditionally with the addition of an extra room, mother-in-law’s quarters, or conversion of existing spaces such as attics or basements. A new outdoor patio area is a great investment in both your social life and the value of your home.

Make it Smart

A smart thermostat not only saves on energy costs and makes your home more energy efficient; it also adds immense resale value to a property. Smart features tend to be less expensive than structural changes and add a “keyword” factor when reselling a home. Resell value aside, having a fully functional smart home security system, thermostat, and appliances can make living in your home easier and more exciting!

Make it Energy Efficient

New homebuyers are searching for homes that come prepared to save them money on energy over time. Switch to double-paned impact windows and increase attic insulation to cut down on the home’s climate control energy consumption. Energy Star certified windows alone can lower annual energy consumption by around 12%

Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting to lessen the day-to-day impact. Energy efficiency is one of the fastest growing concerns in home design and construction; a truly efficient and well-maintained home doesn’t stay on the market for very long.

Make it Eye-Catching

It goes without saying that if your home is unappealing, it doesn’t matter how much value you’re adding underneath the surface. A DIY paint job is the quickest, cheapest, highest value investment you can make in the value of your home upon resale. Professional painters will cost more but remove 100% of the hassle and create a professional quality aesthetic, while still returning more value than the upgrade will cost.

The kitchen is the most important selling point of a home, make it pop. Along with stainless steel, energy efficient appliances you’ll want to include natural stone countertops that catch the eye and stand up to long-term use. Minimalism and functionality make for a modern kitchen that won’t be quickly outdated. Focus on what matters in the kitchen to add substance and value to the entire home.

Open the Floor Plan

One of the most popular home trends of the last decade, open floor plan kitchen and living areas can’t be ignored. Open floor plans make your home more accessible, more spacious, and the living area more flexible. Opening up a floor plan can be very reasonably priced and will return at least double your investment immediately. The popularity of this style of home can’t be overstated.

So you want to add value to your home?

Whatever the reason behind the change, a home renovation is an exciting opportunity to invest in yourself and your home. Don’t start a project like this alone and risk becoming overwhelmed or led in the wrong direction. Find an expert that knows everything there is to know about return on investment in home renovation.

Call us today to discuss your situation and the ways our team can help you boost the value of your most valued possession.



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