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5 Quickest Ways to Add Value to Your Home

It’s important to plan renovations carefully whether you’re buying a fixer-upper, planning a flip, or just want to invest in the future value of your home. Some investments carry a large price tag for not much return in added value on a property, don't get tricked into going in on a wasted project.

Some trends return immediate value while others are more long-term and stable. To be sure you’re investing wisely, take a look at these expert guidelines for planning a home renovation.

Size Up

Square footage of a home is one of the first points of consideration in the value of the property. It may seem obvious, and for good reason, that bigger is better. Adding square footage can be done traditionally with the addition of an extra room, mother-in-law’s quarters, or conversion of existing spaces such as attics or basements. A new outdoor patio area is a great investment in both your social life and the value of your home.