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New Year, New Home! 5 Easy Ways to Give your Home a Face-lift this Month

Is your new year’s resolution to finally embark on those home renovation projects you put off all of 2018? Check out these 5 surprisingly easy projects to give your home a fresh face in 2019:

Clean up the paint and siding:

Siding and house paint can start to look grimy and weathered quickly, but a new paint job might not be necessary quite yet. Before busting out the rollers, try pressure washing the exterior of your home. If you find that you still aren’t satisfied with its look, you’ve got a prepped and cleaned surface on which to apply a fresh coat of paint.

Brighten up the front door:

Paint your front door a bold hue to quickly and easily change the look of the whole house. Bold blues, reds, and yellows are trending door colors right now. Your front door is the perfect place to show some personality and put a bright first impression in your visitors’ minds!

Plant a flower garden:

Luckily, here in South Florida we have year-round sunshine and moisture to make almost any flower garden burst with life and color! Potted flowers, a stone walkway, and garden accents like sculptures and mirror balls are inexpensive, adding life and color to your precious home.

Add an outdoor seating area:

A beautiful garden should have accompanying patio furniture to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, an outdoor dining table and matching set of chairs makes even the smallest yard feel like an extra room in your home, perfect for hosting guests or just enjoying the view of your gorgeous home!

Change the lighting:

A bug-filled overhead fluorescent light can make your beautiful porch feel dingy and ominous to an evening visitor or passersby on the street. Go for a vintage feel with lantern light fixtures next to the front door, with warm colored energy saving bulbs. For a modern home design try sconces and pathway lights leading up to the front door.

If your 2019 resolution includes working toward having the home of your dreams and you just can’t seem to find the time to start home improvement projects, give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate! We know homes, and we care about making yours look its best.



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