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How to Rock a Home Bar

Dreaming of having the house? The house where everyone gathers to spend Saturday night. The house where all of the memories are made. Good news - home bars are gaining popularity and whether it’s a simple DIY project or a full-scale renovation, it’ll guarantee your home is the “it” spot for years to come.

Why go all-in on a home bar and entertainment area? The average night out costs $50-150 if you’re playing it safe. Add in Uber and cover charges and a bar-hopping habit can seriously cut into your grocery money. Why not invest in the perfect hosting space in your home to cut down on this cost over time while creating amazing memories in your own home?

Here’s your guide to planning the ultimate home bar area:

Just throwing together some shelves above a table for bottles and glasses is a good place to start, but why not go all in on the necessities? Small refrigerators and ice makers make a home bar look elegant and expensive, without breaking the bank.

Stylish seating will entice your guests to actually use the space you worked so hard to create, gathering around your very own watering hole in style and comfort!

Don't be afraid to personalize your bar area. Whatever your passion is, make sure it's highlighted. It's a great conversation piece when you finally gather around to enjoy the space!

Your bar is all your own - go custom! Unique elements like this chiller well give a special touch to an entertainment space and welcome your guests to join in on the fun!

Take your favorite design elements from your favorite bars and incorporate them into something fun and functional for your home bar. This unique storage solution is achieved simply with crates and achieves a rustic, enticing bar design.

You’re the bartender now: add some serious hardware to your collection to inspire your bartending skills! A bottle dispenser is inexpensive but gives your bar a professional appeal with little effort.

Tile and granite are a luxurious combination in this enviable home bar setup. With this sleek design, don't be surprised if your guests try to find the tip jar!

This cozy corner bar combines recessed, LED strip, and pendant lights to contrast the dark wood and leather that might otherwise make the space feel small. Lighting is one of the most important choices you'll make in your bar area to make it feel luxurious and welcoming.

Space at a premium in your house? A bar can fit into nearly every corner or empty wall space in your home! This luxurious bar was built into the stairwell to maximize space. White paint and quality lighting give the illusion of a spacious bar area.

What does your dream home bar look like? Give us a call to help you build that vision!



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