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How to 'Live Where They Vacation': Design Ideas for South Florida Living

If you’ve ever seen the Instagram page of a South Florida native, chances are you’ve seen the phrase “I live where you vacation”. There’s no shame in enjoying the endless benefits of the tropical paradise that is South Florida, especially when half our year is spent in endurance-testing bouts of heat.

Vacation-style living has seen a massive rise in popularity in the past decade, especially in South Florida where residents want to be reminded all year long that their home is an enviable tropical oasis. So how can you incorporate vacation-style concepts into your home? Start with design inspiration from these gorgeous tropical homes:

Energizing exterior colors:

Whether you’re going for bright Key-West inspired shades or calming sea-foam green, try a unique and energizing color outside your home to allude to the tropical oasis that lies inside.

Yellow is a popular color for a relaxed, beach shack vibe. Combined with tropical elements like a pineapple sconce and unique wood statements, this color can be a mood booster every day when you return to your oasis.

Reclaimed wood and other natural materials:

Reclaimed wood has such a rustic and unique aesthetic, it brings to mind driftwood beaches and nature hikes without the environmental no-no of stealing precious driftwood from shorelines.

Wicker accents combined with bright colors never go out of style. Natural materials like wicker with lots of texture work beautifully compared with light wood and fresh, tropical green accents like this bright centerpiece.

Retro art-deco hues (that’s right, they’re back!):

The pastel colors of South Beach are popping up in modern homes once again, in fresh and exciting ways. Pastel colored accents go great against white walls, along with fresh tropical plants for added freshness and color!

Spa-style bathrooms:

Your master bath should feel like a luxury retreat. Beyond adding value to your home, a luxurious master bath adds useful value and relaxation to your life! If your bathroom is looking dated, think about upgrading to a stand-alone tub for relaxing baths and rainfall shower for utility and comfort.

As always, bring as much light into your space as possible with lightweight mirrors. Light colored textiles, light natural wood, and stainless steel accents remind you of being in a Caribbean resort.

Luxurious relaxation space:

What’s a vacation home without a gorgeous, luxurious spot to curl up and watch the sunset? Convert an exterior space into a dream space with floating chairs or porch swings. A margarita has never tasted as sweet as the ones you’ll sip on this gorgeous porch.

Inspiration from the sea and nature

This kitchen uses bright colors to achieve an airy, open look with accents that bring tropical ocean waves to mind. Blue and sea-foam green glass accents in a white space with natural wood accents are an easy and unmistakable way to bring thoughts of ocean breezes to mind!

Whether you have a green thumb or not, bring the bright greens of the mangroves and palm trees into your home. Potted palms add so much natural brightness to a room but the same aesthetic can be achieved with bold green patterns like this matching headboard and comforter.

If you’re thinking about making a big change in your home, why not grab your inspiration from the natural beauty we’re lucky enough to enjoy in our gorgeous state? Our team can help you achieve a home that would be mistaken for a luxury resort, just give us a call! We can build your vacation-inspired home from the ground up or help you come up with a renovation plan. Whatever you need, CCG is here to help!



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