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5 Signs You're Ready to Own a Home

Are you finding yourself dreaming of the stability and freedom of owning your own home, but you’re unsure if you’re really ready for the long-term commitment? Buying a home, or building your own new construction home, is still the most stable investment you can make. With real estate market trends steadily rising over the past decade, it’s the perfect time to commit to your own home. It’s a wise choice for many, but are you ready for the jump?

You might be ready if these 5 qualities apply to you:

You’re Finally Financially Stable

You’ve finally paid off a good chunk of your student loans, you’re happily in a long-term career, and you’re ready for a smart investment. You’ve been saving for a few years and you’ve got a decent down payment set aside. There’s no better savings account for your nest egg than tied into the equity of your very own home. You’ve got decent monthly income to spend on home upkeep and mortgage payments, why not commit a portion of it to own and maintain your very own home?

You’ve Got Excellent Credit

Perfect credit isn’t a necessity for home ownership, but if you find yourself at a solid 600-800, you might find that interest rates have gotten surprisingly low for people in your situation. FHA loans have made financing a home in 2019 extremely easy and down payment options come as low as 3.5%! You might be wary of owning real estate after experiencing the 2008 panic but there has never been a better time than right now in the wake of that time to enter t