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Which Popular Home Style Fits You Best?

So you've decided to build or buy a home, now you're looking at all the different styles of architecture and design wondering what characteristics of each style are right for you and your life. This guide will help you understand the most popular styles of residential homes and what characteristics each home style reflects.

Contemporary Home

Contemporary style homes are modern, minimal, and sleek. Contemporary architecture typically features clean, simple exteriors with modern lighting. Interiors are typically decorated with minimalism in mind, utilizing every inch of space to its maximum potential. This style is best suited for the fashion-forward: this style of home is extremely popular among young professionals and people in the art world.

Is a contemporary home right for you? If you enjoy living an organized, clean, no-nonsense life with as few distractions and frills as possible, a contemporary style home is the perfect choice for you. These homes feel spacious and uncomplicated, making the inside feel like your wide open space to make your own!

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