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Which Popular Home Style Fits You Best?

So you've decided to build or buy a home, now you're looking at all the different styles of architecture and design wondering what characteristics of each style are right for you and your life. This guide will help you understand the most popular styles of residential homes and what characteristics each home style reflects.

Contemporary Home

Contemporary style homes are modern, minimal, and sleek. Contemporary architecture typically features clean, simple exteriors with modern lighting. Interiors are typically decorated with minimalism in mind, utilizing every inch of space to its maximum potential. This style is best suited for the fashion-forward: this style of home is extremely popular among young professionals and people in the art world.

Is a contemporary home right for you? If you enjoy living an organized, clean, no-nonsense life with as few distractions and frills as possible, a contemporary style home is the perfect choice for you. These homes feel spacious and uncomplicated, making the inside feel like your wide open space to make your own!

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan style homes use terra cotta, natural stone, and tile work to achieve an aesthetic straight out of the sundrenched hills of Italy. This style of home typically features courtyards and patios paved with natural stone and decorated with greenery. Decorative windows, roof shingles, and unique roof designs make these homes highly unique. Interiors of Tuscan homes tend to feel ornate, grandiose, and luxurious.

A Tuscan Villa style home is right for you if you like to feel like you’re living in a grand vacation home, surrounded by the finer things. Tuscan style homes are less common in South Florida, making them an even more unique and special choice.

Craftsman Home

Craftsman homes scream traditional American. This style of home features clean lines, simple pillars, broad front entryways, natural building materials, and simplicity. Most Craftsman homes feature large porches with seating space and porch swings. Landscaping around a Craftsman is usually filled with bright flowers and carefully maintained lawns, the real American dream home.

A Craftsman home is perfect for young adults who dream of a classic home that won’t go out of style. This style of home lends to a lot of natural light, open spaces ideal for hosting, and unique interior architectural elements. Stained glass, coffered ceilings, and decorative nooks are typical of Craftsman homes, there are endless personalization options in this style of home that never go out of style!

Ranch House

Ranch houses are characterized by sprawling, wide-open layouts: a ranch house is more likely to be double wide than two-story. The roof is usually flat and simple, allowing the facade of the home a starring role in curb appeal. Outdoor patios and pergolas make the secluded backyard areas perfect for gathering with large groups of friends or family.

If you’ve got plenty of square footage to build on, a ranch style home is perfect for you. These homes are all about spaciousness. This style of home is accessible for all, young and old, two-legged or four! One of the greatest benefits of ranch-style homes in South Florida is the possibility of creating a large green roof fit for gardening, lounging, and helping to absorb some of the urban heating effects of all-concrete environments.

Spanish Style Home

Spanish style homes are inspired by the earthy, rustic style of traditional Spanish homes. A terra cotta roof and creamy white exterior is the primary characteristic of this style, perfect for accenting with other natural tones through landscaping and decorations. Wrought iron accents and brightly colored tilework commonly stand out against the earthy tones of this style. Interiors are usually vibrantly decorated and have high ceilings, stucco walls, and exposed wood accents.

This type of home is perfect for South Florida living. If you want a home with intense insulation and traditional Spanish style, you’re in the right area for it. Although exteriors are usually very standard and traditional in this style, interiors are highly customizable and in line with modern design elements. Succulents, bright tilework, and monochromatic design fit perfectly inside a Spanish style home. Blending old world architecture and modern design elements make Spanish style homes some of the most easily personalized and gorgeous options on the market.

Cottage House

Traditional cottage houses have the entire living space on the bottom floor with bedrooms on the upper floor. Inspired by historic European pastoral living, cottages feel cozy and quaint. Modern examples of cottage style homes in South Florida have blended elements of beach living into the styles of these homes, bright exteriors and nautical elements that reflect their location. Beachy cottages are extremely popular for people that want their home to feel like a relaxed vacation shack.

Is a cottage house right for you? If you dream of simple living, pies steaming in windowsills, Saturday mornings in the garden, and bright natural lighting flooding your home, this style is perfect for you. Whether you’re renovating a historic cottage or building your own cozy shack, this style makes for a home that screams “relaxation”. Vintage accents look great in this style as well, so if you’re dreaming of a nostalgic home environment a cottage home is just up your alley!

Whatever style of home you’re dreaming of, we can help you bring your vision to life. Castor Construction Group can build your dream home in any style, color, and size you desire. Give us a call to discuss your options and get a free estimate on your home project!



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