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What to Look for in a Commercial Contractor

You run your business well and you care about the quality of your work. Whether you're looking to upsize your offices, rebrand and renew the face of your storefronts, or renovate a large-scale complex, quality work matters at every step. So how do you find a contractor that matches with your work ethic and values? How can you pick a team that will make each step of the process easier on you? The first thing to understand when searching for a commercial contractor is the basics of what the job entails.

Commercial contractors take care of 5 main concerns:

  • Architectural Design

  • Permitting

  • Code Adherence

  • Zoning Regulations

  • Materials Management

Commercial projects have special requirements that smaller scale construction companies may not be equipped to handle. Business structures need to meet strict codes for the business to operate within the law, the project needs to be designed to enhance the customer experience within the building, and timelines must be kept promptly to ensure that the project doesn't interfere with day to day operations. Construction companies may seem one-size-fits-all but that couldn't be further from the truth. Your business' project is too important to trust with someone that doesn't have the skills needed to do a quality job, fast.

One of the most unsuspecting details that you want to check for in choosing a contractor is materials management. Are your building supplies coming from sustainable sources? Is the team working with your materials as efficiently as possible to avoid waste and extra cost? Is waste being properly disposed? These questions are important to ask when vetting a contractor, long before the deal has been signed.

State Licensing Matters:

A licensed commercial contractor is critical to ensure your project is not hindered by unexpected problems. State licensing, bonding, and quality insurance should be make-or-break in your search for trustworthy project management. Working above-board with regulations and having solid insurance safeguards means that every step of the process is stress-free on your part. Let your trustworthy contractor handle the details while you put your energy into your business.

Look at More than Just the Price Tag:

The old saying is true: you get what you pay for. While reviewing contractor bids, look at more than just the price tag. With all the roles a commercial contractor must play, you need to be sure they're working with integrity and experience. Shoddy workmanship will be evident in a short time, and is the building that represents your business really the place to cut corners? As with all construction projects, doing it right the first time costs a lot less than having to redo the project in a few years. One way to distinguish excessively high pricing from pricing for high-quality work is by checking the level of detail in the bid. One company may be spit-balling and will end up charging as much as, if not more than, the higher priced bid with change orders and mistakes. The company that has taken the time to plan every little detail has likely already factored in all costs and may end up working under the initial budget in the long run.

Check References:

Quality work is more likely from a team with experience. Check more than just online reviews, go to the company's physical location. Check out the appearance of your prospective construction company offices, shake hands with the support staff, see photos of past projects. Ask for past client references and follow through on checking on their experience. Getting to know the team you'll be working with makes all the difference when you're months into the stress and work of a renovation or construction project.

Go With Your Gut:

Feeling a connection with your project manager might not seem important now but it couldn't be more important. Feeling a connection with your contractor can come from shared values of hard work and a job well done. Take note of the way your proposed contractor communicates during bid time; if you're waiting days for returned texts and phone calls, you probably won't be a priority down the line. Go with someone that cares about your concerns, takes your input into account, and communicates effectively. This person is building your vision, you need to be sure it's being translated into action.

Ready to make a decision on a company that has what it takes to build your commercial project? Castor Construction Group has 25 years of experience building South Florida commercial and residential structures and will provide you with the highest quality experience possible. Contact us to discuss your commercial project and the ways our team is prepared to manage every aspect of its design and execution.



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